Where is the best place to sell your Gold

Where is the best place to sell your Gold?

This is a question you may be asking yourself, so let’s look at the options you have when you are looking to sell your Gold.

As we delve a little deeper, you will find that there is probably more than one answer to the question and it often depends on what type of gold you have to sell. If you read on, the answer will become a lot clearer.

Local Auction Houses

The first option I am going to discus is your local auction house, this is one of the places you could use to sell your gold, the auction house could be an option if you had a lot of mixed items and you could sell them as one lot. This way the decent items if you had some would help to sell the lesser items as it would be all in one lot.

Their auction might also be an option if you wanted to sell jewellery pieces that were too good for scrap or contained precious stones such as large diamonds. So far it all sounds great right?

Well there are a few downsides to selling at auction because it carries a risk. There is no guarantee in the price your goods would make it all, depends who is looking at that particular sale for the type of thing you are selling.

The biggest downside of selling at auction is the fees, most auctions charge around 30% of the selling price plus vat to the seller and the buyer which takes a large chunk of your money. This alone coupled with the fact that you have actually go along to the auction to register and catalogue all you separate items and then wait up to two weeks for your money often makes it an unattractive option when selling your Gold.

Postal Gold Websites

The second option you have for selling your gold is one of the postal gold buying websites. Now let me tell you firstly that not one of the websites will give anything at all for your jewellery. If that has shocked you let me explain, it does not matter if you send them the crown jewels or a bag of broken earrings they will only buy your items based on the carat weight of gold that you have sent.

So please do not send any of these companies anything that isn’t scrap, broken of just unsalable and certainly nothing that contains precious stones or diamonds, they will not pay you anything for them.

There are other downsides to selling your gold items to the postal gold websites.

You have to fill an online form out and wait for an insurance covered envelope to arrive, then put you items back in the post and wait.

But I think the biggest problem is the trust issue and what I mean is you have to trust that they are being fair and accurate with what you have sent them in regards to the weight and carat of your gold. I mean can you see your items on an accurate digital scale? No. If you think the offer is correct you still have to wait a while for funds to be transferred into you bank.

High Street Jewellers

The third option you could consider when selling you gold and this one involves a bit of shoe leather is visiting your high street jewellers. If you don’t mind going into town, you could try this option. Most retail jewellers wouldn’t really be interested in second hand goods but the smaller independent jewellers might be interested in some items. They would have to be resalable so anything broken, old fashioned or just generally unattractive for their window would be no good. An point to remember is high street jeweller’s work on very high profit margins so if you are comparing the items you have to sell to the prices they are asking in the window, be prepared to be very disappointed. Also most jewellers are not interested in scrap gold either.

York gold Buyer

Your next option could be sell you gold to me, the York Gold buyer. You might be thinking he would say that but let’s look at the benefits:

1. You can sell your items Gold and silver items in the comfort of your own home

2. No going into town struggling to get parked then going from shop to shop looking for a buyer.

3. No waiting for envelopes to arrive from websites and crossing your fingers for a good price.

4. I operate a unique and friendly home visit gold and silver buying service.

5. I aim to pay high street prices for your unwanted or scrap gold and silver items. Prices are checked daily to ensure the price you get is the very best.

6. All items are paid for immediately in cash  (bank transfer can be arranged if you prefer) most people are happy with cash.

7. You are under no obligation whatsoever to sell you items I am more than happy to visit you and leave you with an offer to consider.

So if you have any unwanted gold or silver items you are considering selling, please get in touch to arrange your home visit.

Best Regards

Darran Heaney

York Gold Buyer