Sell your jewellery in York

If you are looking to Sell your jewellery in York well it couldn’t be easier. Firstly you need to choose which way you are going to go about it. You could choose to walk round the jewelers shops in York town centre to see if they think you have something that they see as resalabel that could go in  their shop window. Mostly there is slim chance of that as most jewelers have plenty of stock that’s been sat there for months if not years, this may be down to the huge price mark up they are trying to sell their items for. Have you noticed how the skinniest items in terms of Gold content are priced up sky high, this is called markup and it mostly 300 % plus vat. This explains why their items in the window always look really expensive and when your take you items in to sell they offer much less. obviously they have massive overheads like rent, rates, staff ect to cover so it’s to be expected that their items carry a hefty retail price.

This is where the York Gold Buyer differs from high street shops  we don’t have the same overheads to cover as high street stores with staff, rent , rates ect so we can work on a much smaller profit margin which then gets passed onto our customer through the prices that we pay when you want to sell your jewellery.

So if you are looking to sell your jewellery in york give us a try you may be surprised at what we will pay for your items.

Call the York gold Buyer for if you are looking to sell your gold for cash today. We come to you or you come to us you choose.

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York Gold Buyer

Darran Heaney

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