How To Securely Buy Gold & Silver Online?

Did you know that at York Gold Buyer, we now sell our gold and silver online for delivery? If you have been looking to purchase any of our pieces, you can do that without worrying about getting here before anyone else sees it! Our team works every day of the week to ensure deliveries are […]

Sell Your Unwanted Gold

If you are looking for a fair and honest no obligation offer on your unwanted gold you are looking in the right place. Here at York Gold Buyer I provide a unique two true gold buying service you can visit me or I can visit your home at your convenience to offer you a good […]

Sell your jewellery in York

If you are looking to Sell your jewellery in York well it couldn’t be easier. Firstly you need to choose which way you are going to go about it. You could choose to walk round the jewelers shops in York town centre to see if they think you have something that they see as resalabel […]

Is it worth selling your gold right now?

All gold prices are high right now across board be it gold Bullion gold Coins or just scrap gold, values have risen last year and are enjoying near record highs. This is due mainly to an increase in world wide demand. Gold prices are up approximately 35% for the year 2021. There are no guarantees […]

Where is the best place to sell your Gold

Where is the best place to sell your Gold? This is a question you may be asking yourself, so let’s look at the options you have when you are looking to sell your Gold. As we delve a little deeper, you will find that there is probably more than one answer to the question and […]